Natives & Newcomers in Frontier Encounters
and Land Sovereignty Conflicts in
Northern New England and Maritime Canada
1497 — Present

Plus related Sebago-Presumpscot Anthropology Project Papers

Alvin Hamblen Morrison PhD

(Anthropology Professor Emeritus, SUNY College at Fredonia)
Ethnohistorical Anthropologist, Mawooshen Research

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*Herein, WABANAKI = Peoples of the Sunrise Land, or Dawnlanders: Recently, 6 peoples specifically termed by Anthropologists as MICMAC, MALISEET, PASSAMAQUODDY, and PENOBSCOT (All 4 “Recognized” by USA) and ABENAKI (“Recognized” by Canada) and PENNACOOK (first to be exiled by English and so are considered long “scattered” so are NOT Recognized per se). Earlier, all 6 peoples seemed once to have been grouped linguistically, as by this Anthropologist, as MICMAC, ETCHEMIN, and ABENAKI-PENNACOOK.

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Sakamo Series 

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